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Jeff and Jared: Puerto Vallarta Wedding Photography

Jeff and Jared were married a few weeks ago at the beautiful Playa Fiesta hotel in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.  Their wedding was absolutely gorgeous from start to finish and it was so much fun to be a part of the entire event– I had a blast, and I loved the energy from their wonderful group!  Here are a few of my favorites from their day:

Puerto Vallarta Wedding Photographer

Congratulations, Jeff and Jared!  It was a pleasure working with both of you!

Post by Puerto Vallarta Wedding Photographer Michelle Turner.

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Lily and Brent | Puerto Vallarta Wedding Photography

Lily and Brent,  two of the sweetest people I’ve had the pleasure to meet, were married in Puerto Vallarta two weeks ago.  Their wedding was gorgeous– it was a beautiful day in a beautiful spot with friends and family from around the world– but what was memorable to me was the way that they looked at each other all day.  The smiles, the laughter, the spontaneous hugs throughout the day– they all resulted in one of the sweetest events that I have ever photographed.  Add to that the fact that they both work for Adobe (obviously one of my favorite companies), and it was a day for the record books.:)

I asked Lily and Brent to tell me a bit about how they met, and Lily said:  We met in the most unlikely of places: Las Vegas. We were both there for our company’s internal sales conference, and we just hit it off at the welcome reception, thanks in part to us having a really good mutual friend who vouched for both of us:) Brent’s addition: We got along so well that I asked Lily (on our second evening together) if I could take her out to dinner if I flew through San Francisco on my way back home to Tokyo. I changed my flight the following morning. From then on, I made certain to travel back to the US once every 3-6 weeks. 
I asked them to tell me a bit about how they got engaged, and Brent said:  Although I can’t say I really knew for certain, my perspective was that we both wanted to get married and we knew it. So I went ring shopping all around Tokyo… I searched and searched and stumbled upon the perfect ring by accident. I really thought it was the perfect one for Lily. So I got it and we flew to Bali together for our vacation. I hadn’t really decided how I was going to propose, but I was playing out scenarios for proposing in Bali or in San Francisco on my next trip home. Throughout our stay in Bali, I always had the ring in my pocket, awaiting a moment that felt right to propose – even when we went to the cliffs at Uluwatu (where the monkeys steal your stuff so that you have to barter with them by giving bananas in exchange for your stuff). I thought that would be a humorous, but less-than-ideal situation – having a monkey swoop and an propose on your behalf. On our 2nd to last day in Bali, I finally concluded that we just wanted to get married and me waiting for a moment I hadn’t been able to imagine was silly. So I made an excuse of feeling poorly and went off in my bathing suit to get flower petals. I ran through the whole resort with an entourage of staff until we found flower petals. I ran to the room, wrote “simpler” on the bed in flower petals (maybe you remember the reference to the poem in our wedding), put out the ring, and went back to the pool. Lily thought I was feeling really sick given how long I was gone. When she went back to the room to change, I went with her. Lily walked in and said “wow, it smells nice.” And then she saw the bed and paused. I walked in, intending to get down on one knee… as I started talking, Lilynestled into my chest and hugged me close before I could get down on one knee. So… I finished what I had to say and proposed and Lily said “yes” immediately and confidently. After she said yes, I got the ring and got down on one knee so I could put it on her finger:)
Here are a few of my favorite images from the day:
Puerto Vallarta Wedding Photographer | Lily and Brent
I love to ask the couple about their favorite part of the day– many times I can guess at the answer because I witnessed the day from start to finish, but sometimes their answers surprise me.  Not so this time– I knew that they were both going to mention the ceremony.  The time and energy they and their officiant put into making the ceremony special and very personal really paid off in the form of laughter and tears from their closest friends and family.  Lily said:  The ceremony was probably our favorite part of the wedding day. But there were so many moments full of joy and laughter throughout the 4 days we were all together that it’s impossible to choose just one.  Brent added: My favorite was seeing Lily before the ceremony. And then the ceremony was our favorite. Especially the letters and what Charles wrote about the exchange of rings. 

Congratulations, Lily and Brent!  What a gorgeous day!  Much love to both of you as you finally start a life together on the same continent.  :)

Post by Puerto Vallarta wedding photographer Michelle Turner.


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