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For Photographers

Are you a photographer looking to learn more about light?  You have a few options!

I run two online workshops through Click and Company several times throughout the year.  Both of these workshops are 100% online, open to everyone (regardless of gender or parental status), and include several PDFs and many videos.  Learn more about my Off Camera Flash Workshop here and my On Camera Flash (and Continuous Light) Workshop here by clicking one of the links.  


I also speak at several events throughout the year for Profoto and Fujifilm.  Here are some upcoming events:

Click Away 2018 (Amelia Island, Florida)

Firefly Institute (Sonoma, California)

Shoot to Print Tour (NYC and Atlanta)


I also offer one to one or small group mentoring.  


What’s in my bag?  (I love my gear SO MUCH.)

*Fujifilm XPro2 (x2), and the Fujifilm X-T1 (this is my photo booth camera)

*A variety of lenses, but the standouts are my Fuji 56 1.2 APD (85mm equivalent) and the 16mm.  I tend to shoot with 24mm/85mm (equivalent) lenses the most, but I also always have some really wide options as well.

*My Trillo and Son Bresson Strap

*Profoto lights– I have the B1 and the B2.  I love BOTH, but the B2 and my small translucent Profoto umbrella and 2′ Octa with the grid tend to travel with me the most.

*The Profoto small reflector in white/sunsilver.