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Megan and Casey: Puerto Vallarta Wedding Photography

I loved the little personal touches at Megan and Casey’s wedding– her family is from Hawaii, so they had some adornments brought over from the island, they had beautiful pineapples as centerpieces (and oh my goodness, they smelled WONDERFUL…give me a pineapple over flowers any day!), and Megan did several things throughout the day to honor her mother.  It was a beautiful, touching day!

I asked Megan and Casey how they met, and they told me that they met through friends in Clearwater, Florida (where they both live).  I asked how they got engaged, and Megan told me:  Oh this is fun! Casey has been known to be a bit of a prankster… He and one of his best friends (who owns The Jewelry Workshop near where we live) created my amazing engagement ring. When it was ready, Casey was left pondering how he would propose. He went through a few different ideas before it hit him- “Megan gets packages delivered from Amazon almost daily, and half of the time she doesn’t even remember what she ordered!” Sneakily, he took some Amazon packaging tape from one of my boxes and asked his sister to make a fake Amazon shipping label. As for me- it was just a typical Wednesday. I got off work, picked up some dinner to-go, and went home. He had the “Amazon” package on the table when I arrived, and I was anxious to open it because (yet again) I couldn’t remember what else I ordered! I opened it and found a necklace box.. that had a RING inside!! At this moment I was SO confused!! Then he walked over and got down on his knee…  Needless to say, that was the BEST thing I don’t remember ordering! 

Here are a few of my favorite images from the day:

Puerto Vallarta Wedding - Playa Fiesta Wedding

I asked Megan and Casey to tell me about their favorite moments during the day, and Casey said:  Opening the gifts from my soon to be WIFE, and seeing her walk down the aisle. 

Megan said: The entire day was magical! My gift from Casey was so incredibly special, and definitely got the emotions flowing! Throughout the day when I felt emotional/overwhelmed I just repeated to myself “Soon you will see your best friend and everything will be perfect! Soon you will see your best friend and everything will be perfect!”(my wedding day mantra!). Holy moly- some brides get “that feeling” when they find the perfect dress, from being pampered at their bridal shower, etc… I can honestly say that “that feeling” hit me like an earthquake when I finally locked hands with my groom. That moment EVERYTHING was perfection! I no longer had a care in the world! I was HOME! Knowing that I get that person for the rest of my life is hands down my favorite part of that day and every other day forever!  

Congratulations, Megan and Casey!  What a beautiful day!

Post by Puerto Vallarta Wedding Photographer Michelle Turner.