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Sheila and David | Puerto Vallarta Wedding Photography

Sheila and David’s destination wedding was so beautiful and fun!  I loved their story, so I asked Sheila and David to tell me a bit about how they fell in love/got engaged.  Sheila said:

David and I were close friends (the type of friends that would hang out every day and if the other was gone for a weekend something was not right in the world) for about a year before we couldn’t hide feelings for each other. We met working at our college town’s local Olive Garden  He made his first move kissing me at a live local concert, I still remember vividly when he walked toward me and literally was thinking in my head “Holy smokes, David’s going to kiss me right now!”

On our four year anniversary weekend David showed up to my work with a truck packed with overnight bags and said let’s go! It didn’t shock me he had something planned, he’s always been this little romantic. We drove through San Rafael for a quick wine tasting, then the beautiful windy roads of Mt Tam until we made it to the cutest beach house I’ve ever seen in Stinson Beach. He had gone to the butcher shop and together we made a steak dinner as we danced with red wine and cooked to good tunes. After we finished dinner on the deck he was standing in the corner and said come look at the stars. Right when I came to him he dropped to his knee and said he wanted to be with me forever.

I remember I had so many questions after I said yes, like “did you ask my parents?” “How did you ask them, when?” “What were their reactions!?” “Who knows about this!?”

Here are a few of my favorite images from the day!

Puerto Vallarta Wedding Photography

I asked Sheila and David how they chose their venue and what their favorite parts of the day were.  Sheila said:

David and I had seen a lot of venues that year, whether searching or attending one, that all started looking the same. We wanted something different, not just another winery– while they’re all so beautiful, we wanted a lasting impression. We found that at Puerto Vallarta, Playa Fiesta Hotel. It was zero stress for not only ourselves that weekend but our families and bridal party as well. Nobody had to lift a finger, just relax and have all the fun. That’s exactly what we wanted.

It’s hard to pick a favorite part of the day but if I had to choose one it would be walking down the aisle and seeing the look on David’s face. I’m very shy in crowds and “center of attention” moments, so I told myself in order to not look down at my feet the whole time, I’d focus on David as I walked down the aisle and tune everything else out for those 15 or so seconds… the look on his face was priceless. If he’s trying hard not to shed a tear he just gets very flushed and his cheeks pucker in, in the most handsome way – the man’s got great facial structure. He’s funny, I love how well I know him.

Also the fireworks at night were pretty magical and just really set the tone and mood that this was a night to remember. I remember hearing “best wedding ever” behind us as another firework exploded in the air…

Congratulations, Sheila and David!!  What a wonderful wedding!

Post by Puerto Vallarta wedding photographer Michelle Turner.