Maine, Pennsylvania, and Puerto Vallarta Wedding Photography: Michelle Turner »

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Bright apricot. Pops of neon blue. Waves of green. Vibrant everythingAnd YOU, illuminating it all.

Whether you’re getting hitched or just hitching together family photo albums, we provide ARTFULLY UNIQUE PHOTOGRAPHY WITH A RICH, SPLASHY EDGE.

Except it’s not just photography. It’s a wildly fun, all-or-nothing, bold, brazen, all-out, adventure-laden experience, akin to the likes of a magazine shoot. At least it’ll feel like you’re in one, anyway. A magazine shoot with the lens focused directly on you. On your fire. On your swank. On your don’t-give-a-damn bravado. And on your punch drunk love for living. Whether it’s your special day, or just a day that you want to make special, Michelle Turner will turn you into centerfold of the year.

Because the colors in her photos aren’t the only things that pop—you do. Right alongside them. From Puerto Vallarta to Maine, Pennsylvania to the world at large (and beyond), the places where she shoots inform her photography just as much as the couple themselves. The end result?

A brilliant, unmatched combination of people and places, hearts and havens, souls and surroundings, and sentiment and scenery, making her clients look like never-before-seen works of art among the wildest settings of the world—from nature-inspired to cement-covered.

Whether your style is delicate or funky, sensual or sassy, fresh is her medium of choice. And you’re the subject. No matter where you are in the world.