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Darcie and Chris: A Puerto Vallarta Wedding

My favorite part of Chris and Darcie’s wedding?  There were a lot of wonderful moments, but What.  A.  Party.  The dance floor was so unbelievably fun– so high energy, and full of people partying from start to finish.

I asked Darcie and Chris to tell me a bit about how they met, and Darcie said:

We met through our mutual friend Roxana, the groomswoman. She was one of my co-workers and one of Chris’s best friends from college.  She put us in touch with each other because she thought we would get along and she was right. We had our first date at Chris’s favorite coffee shop, Intelligentsia in Venice, CA.

I asked them to tell me a bit about how they got engaged, and the story was amazing– basically, Chris planned a whole day for Darcie on his birthday so that he could truly surprise her (after all, even I’ve never heard of someone proposing on their own birthday, and I hear engagements stories all the time– great idea, Chris!) and it culminated in a party with their closest friends and family– Chris even flew Darcie’s parents in for the party!

And speaking of parties, they certainly know how to plan them– here are a few of my favorites from their wedding day:

Puerto Vallarta Wedding Photography

I asked Darcie and Chris why they chose a destination wedding, and Darcie said:

We heard about playa fiesta from a friend of a friend, her brother had gotten married at Playa Fiesta and it came highly recommended. With me being from Texas, Chris being from Ohio and us both living in LA we knew there would be some amount of travel involved for most our guests. We’ve always loved the idea of having a big vacation with our closest friends/family and once we read more about Playa Fiesta we knew it was the perfect place for us to get married. 

I always like to ask about what the couple’s favorite part of the day was, and Darcie said:

It’s hard to pick one favorite part of the whole day. Just being able to get so many family members and friends together in Mexico to join in on our celebration was great. We also had an amazing sunset on our wedding day! If we had to pick one thing we’d say the reception because the dance floor was so cool and our guests were so excited and happy. 

Congratulations, Darcie and Chris!  What a beautiful day!!