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Jenn and Milos: Puerto Vallarta Wedding Photography

I photographed Milos and Jenn’s wedding a few weeks ago in Puerto Vallarta– what a gorgeous backdrop for an amazing day!

I asked Jenn and Milos how they met, and Jenn said: Milos and I met in May of 2012 at a classy establishment in Wrigleyville called Sluggers Sports Bar. Milos was in Chicago for a Bachelor party, and I was there for a girls’ weekend. I owe a lot to Milos’s friend (and groomsman) Greg for having the nerve to approach my group and spark the initial connection between my future husband and I. Milos got my number before leaving Sluggers, and the two of us were high-tech pen pals for several months before arranging our next in-person rendezvous.  In August of 2012, I booked a flight from Minneapolis to Denver to visit Milos and see if my gut was right about this Serb. On my first night in Denver, Milos cooked me a homemade pasta dish that he had made from scratch. If you know me or my food tendencies at all, you know that this was a huge deal. That trip to Denver was the official start to a year full of Frontier flights for him and me.

I love their engagement story, so scroll down past the images if you’d like to read it, too!  Here are a few of my favorite images from the day:

Puerto Vallarta Wedding Photographer

When I asked how they got engaged, Milos said: It all started on a fairly non-descript day in April when Jenn announced that she would be taking a week-long trip to San Francisco for her new job at Uber. My initial thought was, “San Fran is cool, why not meet Jenn out there and make a weekend out of it?” And then it hit me. This would be the weekend that I had been thinking about for months. I spent the next week or two pouring over aerial images of the SF park systems – thank you Google Earth – in order to find a cool, and romantic location to pop the big Q. I had decided that a hike, planned for the upcoming Saturday – bright and early, just how Jenn likes it 😉 – would be the best way to casually get her to one of three or four potential locations.

Finally, the day arrived, and I insisted on bringing my trusty proposal-pack, loaded with proposal goodies. Jenn found this a little odd, but after delivering a carefully choreographed, Oscar-worthy performance, she dropped the issue, despite the fact that there was absolutely nothing that I would need to carry around all day. Thank-you, my uninquisitive future wife.

After several stops, we arrive at Baker Beach…I insisted on walking to a remote area of the beach in the opposite direction of the Bridge to, “check out some rock formations,” in the hopes that I would discover the place that I had painted in my mind. Despite the total lack of interest, and added distance to our hike, Jenn relented – I’ve been told that I can be difficult at times, which is just ridiculous. Just when I thought we should double-back and keep looking, it all came together. The location was PERFECT.

Once we were in a secluded area between the rocks, I made sure that we were alone, and proceeded to ramble on – those are her words, not mine – about how much I enjoy making memories with her. After several attempts to form coherent thoughts about my feelings, I gave up on the prepared speech and simply said, “Bucky, I have a surprise for you”.

At this point, Jenn finally realized what was happening, and started to repeatedly shout, “are you serious?!?” I was. As I got down on one knee, she kept inching away in shock, and all I could think about was how wet and sandy my knee was as I attempted to keep up with her backward march. Once I finally managed to get a hold of her hand, I pulled out the ring and asked Jenn the million dollar question, “Will you marry me?” She screamed, cried, kissed me, and of course, said yes! It was the best moment of my life, without a doubt. Cue the proposal-pack. I take it off of my shoulder, and pull out a bottle of the bubbly and two fine plastic cups, and we toasted to our future life together – wet, sandy knee and all.

I asked about their favorite part of the day, and Jenn said: The ceremony and wedding dance were my favorite! The setting of the ceremony and getting married in front of our favorite people is something I’ll never forget. The wedding dance was incredibly fun too (and the photo boothing!).

Congratulations, Jenn and Milos!  What a beautiful, fun day!!

Post by Puerto Vallarta Wedding Photographer Michelle Turner.